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Welcome to MyCasinoPierNJ.com!

Welcome to MyCasinoPierNJ.com!!!


  • This is where you can find information on the Jobs available at Casino Pier LLC.  All of the descriptions are available under the menu item Employment Info.
  •  Don't forget to register an account with the link on the right and then fill out an application.
  • For re-hires, remember to log into your account from last year to re-apply. Use the "Account Settings -> Reset Password" link from the Menu if you have forgotten your password. Multiple accounts and applications will be deleted.

Current Job Openings


Jobs Currently Available at Casino Pier / Breakwater Beach Waterpark

Property Department Job Titles Specifications

Boardwalk Stands



18 and Over

Willing to work weekend and nights

Questions Contact Joe  jdiana@casinopiernj.com

Ride Operator


18 and Over

Willing to work weekend and nights

Questions Contact Debbie debbie@casinopiernj.com

  Parking Lot Attendant

18 and Over

Nights and Weekends

Questions contact  Lou lrc@casinopiernj.com or Jack Jburke@casinopiernj.com

Directions to apply:

Apply by creating an account. (Click the link on the right ~~> )

Return to the site and fill out the application.

Please choose one of the jobs above as your first choice if you are interested in working. Most other jobs on the property are full at this time. Applying for one of these other jobs will result in you being placed in the "HOLD" list and called only if something else becomes available.  


Note to Parents

       We encourage you to help your children with the application process, but please do not submit or register accounts for them.

     All employees must have their own access to their account on this site. It is imperitive that they are familiar with the site for scheduling, training and general information.

    All applications should be submitted by the employee seeking the job, forms filled out by other persons are considered forgery except in special situations, and will be denied.

    Please also be aware that all correspondence from Casino Pier and Breakwater Beach will be sent to the email the account was registerd with. We HIGHLY recomend creating an account especially for your child using Gmail, Hotmail or some other free email client.

   If you would like to change the email address for your account, please email info@mycasinipiernj.com


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* 2014 Season - Hiring will begin Feb 1, 2014 at Midnight.

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