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14/15 Yr Old Applications

Please Note that 14/15 yr old applicants are currently being moved directly to the hold list. The limited positions we have are full at this time. You may still apply, but are unlikley to obtain a job for the 2015 season.

2015 Jobs!

Welcome to MyCasinoPierNJ.com!!

     The time has finally come to start applying for your 2015 summer job! (Hiring begins Feb 1, 2015 at midnight!) Please take time to read over job descriptions and choose accordingly. You will get 2 job choices on your application, please make sure they are different choices.

       If you have never been here before please register for an account, then log in and complete the application proces.

       If you have EVER worked here or applied for a job before you MUST login under your old account. Password reset information is located in the menu. DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT! Questions please email info@mycasinopiernj.com

Welcome to MyCasinoPierNJ.com!

Welcome to MyCasinoPierNJ.com!!!


  • This is where you can find information on the Jobs available at Casino Pier LLC.  All of the descriptions are available under the menu item Employment Info.
  •  Don't forget to register an account with the link on the right and then fill out an application.
  • For Re-hires, remember to log into your account from last year to re-apply. Use the "Account Settings -> Reset Password" link from the Menu if you have forgotten your password. Multiple accounts and applications will be deleted.

BWB Employment Info

2015 Waterpark Seasonal Employment Info

All Applicants- Please do not create a new account if you have applied or worked in the past. Please email Christine@casinopiernj.com if you forgot your login or are having trouble.

  • New Hires
    • We will start accepting applications Feb 1, 2015 at Midnight.  (Please do not attempt to submit an application before then, it will not be received)
    • Waterpark positions are first come first interviewed. (rehires will get first choice of hours and positions)
    • You will not be notified about employment until at least March 1, please be patient.
  • Re-hires
    • Rehires will be accepted first, through March 1. After March 1 new applicants will begin to be interviewed. (new hires should not expect a response until After March 1 regarding employment.
    • Paperwork will need to be completed again for 2015. The sooner paperwork is completed the more flexibility you will have with your schedules. Once paperwork is complete, we will personally call or meet with you to choose your schedules. After March 1 new-hires will begin the interview prcess taking remaining positions. (Re-hires may still apply and submit paperwork, however positions will become limited.)
    • Park Orientation will be held in person, and required for all employees this year. You MUST choose an orientation date BEFORE you are allowed to start work in your department.
    • Direct Deposit will be mandatory in 2015 for all waterpark employees.
    • Lifeguards will need to re-train for 2015. All rehires get a free license after their first year, however they will need to take the entire course again.

Rehire Eligibility:     

              Not everyone will be rehired in 2015. Rehire eligibility is based on attendance, discipline and supervisor recommendations. If you had attendance issues (including failure to work holidays that were noted in the letter that was signed, or calling out on your last day) or several discipline problems, there is a good chance you will not be re-hired. If you left before the end of the season (not noted on the paperwork) or changed your dates with less than 2 weeks notice, you may be excluded from the rehire eligibility, or you may be moved down on the list of accepted applications, causing you to have fewer choices for schedules.


Christine Palma (Steward)


Pier Employment Info

2015 Casino Pier Seasonal Employment Info

Casino Pier begins opening weekends starting March 28th and will be accepting applications on Feb 1 2015, from those who are available to start our Spring season.

New applications for the Ride Operations Department may not be notified about employment until at least March 1st.

Please review the job description and requirements before applying.

Rehires please do not create a new username and password.  If you do not know your password, you can reset it.  If you do not know your username, please contact your department manager, or email Christine@casinopiernj.com

Lost Username/Password

Lost/Forgot your Password? Lost/Forgot your Username?

DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT (even if you were not hired last year)

Passwords can be reset through the "Account Settings" link at the top of this page if you know the email address you used to sign up.

If you do not know or have lost your username or password please email me. (include your full name and email address)


If you have an old account (any employee who worked or applied for a job last year) and you create a new one, we will disregard the new application and not re-hire you.


Thank you!


Note to Parents

       We encourage you to help your children with the application process, but please do not submit or register accounts for them.

     All employees must have their own access to their account on this site. It is imperitive that they are familiar with the site for scheduling, training and general information.

    All applications should be submitted by the employee seeking the job, forms filled out by other persons are considered forgery except in special situations, and will be denied.

    Please also be aware that all correspondence from Casino Pier and Breakwater Beach will be sent to the email the account was registerd with. We HIGHLY recomend creating an account especially for your child using Gmail, Hotmail or some other free email client.

   If you would like to change the email address for your account, please email info@mycasinipiernj.com


* Register for an Account!

* 2015 Hiring Begins Feb 1 @ Midnight! - Early Hiring is limited to certain departments, please read thoroughly before applying.

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